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This is a course for medical professionals for whom English is not their first language. The goals of this course are as follows:

  • To strengthen general medical vocabulary
  • To increase comprehension when reading medical journals
  • To develop presentation skills in a medical context
  • To provide clear and concise explanations of concepts
  • To strengthen understanding and use of advanced English grammar
  • To improve overall English fluency

Textbook: This course will use the following textbook: Medical English Clear & Simple; A Practiced-Based Approach to English for ESL Healthcare Professionals. This textbook can be found on Amazon in both paper and digital (Kindle) form.

Method: Classes will be 90 minutes. We will spend around 45 minutes following the textbook, and the remaining time focused on particular skills such as medical vocabulary, concept explanations, presentations and discussions. The instructor will supply links to or copies of all additional materials.

* Students are advised to keep physical paper notebooks in which they can write answers to the textbook questions and add notes.

Pace: We will cover the book one section at a time at a pace comfortable to the students and optimal for their learning.